Fresno Bee editorial board endorses Measure A

The Yes on Fresno Measure A campaign received a key endorsement today from the Fresno Bee editorial board.

The majority of Fresno voters approved the recreational use of marijuana when they supported Proposition 64 two years ago. Now voters have a chance to take an important next step when they consider Measure A on the November ballot. The Bee urges a yes vote as Measure A is a logical evolution of a local industry that people have already made clear they want.

The editorial contains one significant error where it states, “Measure A would impose taxes on cultivation and sales from medical dispensaries.” That’s only half-true. Measure A would impose a cannabis business license tax on cultivators, retailers, testing labs and other types of state-licensed cannabis businesses. (Read the ordinance.) However, it would not tax medical cannabis sales. Under Prop. 64, medical cannabis patients pay zero state sales tax on their purchases. Measure A is not a sales tax increase affecting Prop. 215 patients or anyone else.

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