Do The Math

Fresno Measure A would generate cannabis tax revenues of up to $10 million annually, according to official estimates. This tax calculator allows you to do the math for yourself.

There are some practical limits to consider when calculating tax revenues.

Year One revenues will be limited. The draft regulations would allow only 10 permits to be processed for any category of cannabis permit. Because these permits are new, the actual number could be lower. It will take several years for the Fresno cannabis industry to build out, creating a stable stream of tax revenues.

Revenues from retail operations will be limited. The draft regulations would allow up to 14 storefront medicinal cannabis dispensaries, some with delivery services, and no non-storefront delivery services. Retailers would not be able to sell to non-patients, limiting total sales. The number of retail microbusinesses is not discussed in the draft regulations, but a cap may apply.

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