Draft Cannabis Business Regulations

Local taxes require local voter approval. That’s why Measure A was placed on the Nov. 6 ballot by the Fresno City Council. Local cannabis taxes help cover the costs of regulation while raising new revenues that can be used for other purposes.

The city’s draft cannabis business regulations do not require voter approval, but they are a critical part of the tax-and-regulate equation. Fresno voters are not being asked to place a tax on illegal cannabis businesses; they are part of the problem, not the solution. If Measure A passes, the City Council will refine and approve strict regulations for state-licensed cannabis businesses in Fresno. The draft regulations come in two flavors ‐ medicinal and adult-use ‐ because those two license types were created by Proposition 64 in 2016. You can read both sets of draft regs below.

If Measure A fails, however, city leaders will not approve any commercial cannabis regulations, at least not in the foreseeable future. The city’s (ineffective) ban on all cannabis businesses would continue; new jobs and tax revenues would be lost to neighboring counties and cities; and illicit cannabis sales would continue to skyrocket, placing Fresno residents at risk. In that context, Measure A voters will decide both the fate of the tax measure and the companion regulatory process.

Important! The draft regulations would prohibit adult-use or “recreational” storefronts and delivery services in the City of Fresno. Only medicinal cannabis patients could utilize the medicinal cannabis dispensaries allowed locally. Non-patients would have to travel outside the City to purchase state-legal products in other jurisdictions.

Commercial Cannabis Regulations – Medicinal – DRAFT

Download (PDF, 335KB)

Commercial Cannabis Regulations – Adult Use – DRAFT

Download (PDF, 284KB)

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