Measure A Ballot Question

The following ballot question and synopsis for Fresno Measure A was filed July 27, 2018, by the City Clerk. They will appear in official voter guides sent to Fresno residents.

Measure A Ballot Question

To fund unrestricted general revenue purposes, including combating gangs, drug abuse, human trafficking and homelessness, fund police, fire, roads, and parks (90%) and fund a Community Benefit Fund allocated as recommended by a citizens commission (10%), shall the measure to tax cannabis cultivation up to $12 per canopy square-foot and up to 10% of gross receipts for medical dispensaries and all other cannabis businesses, generating up to $10 million annually until repealed, be adopted?

Measure To Be Voted On

Notice is hereby given that the following measure is to be voted on at the general municipal election to be held in the City of Fresno, on Tuesday, the 6th of November, 2018.

Adoption of a Cannabis Business License Tax

As a result of recent voter-approved changes to state law, many cannabis businesses have expressed a desire to establish locations within the City of Fresno. The City does not currently have a mechanism to impose a business license tax on such enterprises. The proposed ordinance would approve a Cannabis Business License Tax specifically applicable to cannabis businesses operating within City limits and make such businesses subject to (1) a tax on cultivation of up to $12.00 per square foot of canopy space annually, and (2) a tax of up to 10% on gross sales for medical dispensaries and all other cannabis businesses. Proceeds from the tax would be available to fund vital City services including police, fire, roads, and parks, with 10% of proceeds reserved in a special Community Benefit Fund to be allocated with the input of a special citizens’ commission.

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