Argument in Favor of Measure A

The City of Fresno’s argument in favor of Measure A was filed Aug. 6, 2018. No argument against the proposed cannabis business license tax was filed.

Argument for Cannabis Business License Tax

We urge you to vote YES on Measure A to combat gang violence, drug abuse, human trafficking and homelessness, to fund City infrastructure and create a Community Benefit Fund.

Measure A will impose a Cannabis Business License Tax on marijuana businesses in the City of Fresno. Over 100 illegal black market marijuana businesses currently operate in Fresno, and none of them pay a penny in business license tax. Measure A will change that and use this new revenue to make Fresno a safer and better city.

All of the money from this tax will stay in Fresno for the benefit of Fresno. Only marijuana businesses will pay this tax.

90% of revenues will pay for police, fire, parks, roads and other core City services.

10% will go into a Community Benefit Fund. A nine-member appointed Citizens Commission representing the diversity of Fresno will recommend how and where the Community Benefit Fund invests in our future.

Measure A will provide funding to hire more police officers and firefighters, including officers for a powerful new Drug Task Force to crack down hard on human traffickers, gangs and drug dealers who sell heroin, methamphetamine and opioids in our community.

Measure A will provide money to improve our parks and provide programs for children and senior citizens.

Measure A will provide revenue to repair our streets and fix potholes.

Measure A means marijuana businesses will pay for their impacts on our community. By proactively establishing this tax, the City’s budget will be protected from any new or unexpected costs associated with cannabis regulation.

Whether you agree with the legalization of marijuana or not, it is already here, so it is crucial that we tax this new industry to ensure compliance and to eradicate the black market.

Please vote Yes on Measure A.

s/Kerri Donis
Chief, Fresno Fire Department

s/Jerry Dyer
Chief, Fresno Police Department

s/Paul Caprioglio
Fresno City Council

s/Oliver Baines
Fresno City Council

s/Clint Olivier
Fresno City Council

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