About Measure A

Measure A is basic in form and function. If approved, the City of Fresno will develop regulations to permit a limited number of state-licensed cannabis businesses. After undergoing a strict vetting process, permitted establishments will pay a cannabis business license tax on their Fresno-based operations.

Measure A is not a local sales tax increase. It has zero impact on retail customers, property owners or other Fresno businesses. Cannabis businesses will pay an adjustable tax of up to 10% of their gross revenues, while commercial growers will be taxed up to $12 per square foot of cultivation area. The phrase “up to” ensures the tax remains flexible. The City Council cannot exceed the maximum tax rate without further voter approval.

Most of the Measure A tax revenues will go into the City’s General Fund, where it can help pay for improved police and fire protection and other essential services. Homelessness, drug abuse and human trafficking are named as funding priorities in the City’s Argument in Support of Measure A. A new Community Benefit Fund will receive 10% of the revenues, and an appointed commission of local citizens will help decide how and where those monies will be spent.

Learn more about Measure A by following the links below, or check the FAQs.

Important: Recreational cannabis sales will not be authorized if Measure A is approved. Medicinal cannabis patients will not pay state or local sales tax for their purchases made at state-licensed medicinal cannabis dispensaries.

Fresno Police Chief Dyer meets with medical cannabis patients at City Hall in 2014.
Police Chief Dyer meets with medical cannabis patients at Fresno City Hall in 2014 after a contentious meeting where the City Council banned patient cultivation. Dyer, Fire Chief Kerri Donis and other city leaders are now working to bring safe access to medical cannabis to Fresno through state-licensed dispensaries and other regulated cannabis businesses.
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