Safer Fresno Neighborhoods – Yes on Measure A

Measure A is unlike any ballot measure ever seen in the City of Fresno. On Nov. 6, Fresno voters will decide whether to tax and regulate commercial cannabis businesses. The proposal builds on the state licensing framework of Proposition 64, the Adult Use of Marijuana Act, which a majority of city voters supported in 2016.

Measure A establishes a cannabis business tax in the City of Fresno and green-lights the development of local regulations. Vote “yes” and the City and state agencies will help bring clean industry and new tax revenues to a City that badly needs both. Vote “no” and the current stalemate will continue. Cannabis sales will remain unregulated, placing both cannabis users and non-users at risk.

Fresno Cann improve public safety. Ninety percent of Measure A revenues will help support local police and fire agencies, along with other essential City services.

Read the Argument in Favor of Measure A.

Fresno Cann combat homelessness, human trafficking and illicit drug sales. By improving the City’s financial health, Measure A can help Fresno agencies create new programs and task forces to target some of the City’s most pressing problems.

Read the impartial analysis.

Fresno Cann have safer, better neighborhoods. Measure A creates a permanent source of funding to address unfunded needs in Fresno communities. It creates a new Community Benefit Fund, which will receive 10% of cannabis tax revenues. A citizens’ commission representing Fresno’s diversity will oversee how those funds are distributed.

Read the proposed cannabis business license tax ordinance.

Measure A taxes state-licensed cannabis businesses only, NOT patients or other Fresno residents.

Please vote YES on Measure A!

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